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Cancer research is costly and complicated.

Helping fund research is simple.

Now you can own and enjoy Incredible Art and participate in a cure.

Art4aCure July Benefit

18th-19th July 2008

The opening weekend for Art4aCure featured over a dozen artists and hundreds of guests.

The Artist Group Shot

Art4aCure Artists

Top Row (L-R): Charles Perkins, Danny Hughes, Fortune Sitole, Scott Slagerman, Craig Pop Artist, Snake Jagger, Malcolm Doran, Diane Morgan, Vernon Finney; Lower Row: Rick Pantele (Founder of Art4aCure, owner of IncredibleArtist.Com), Jayel Aheram, TAG, Stephan Canthal (not pictured: John Kornfeld)

Event Pictures

Event Pictures

Malcolm & Eva Doran

Vernon Finney & Jayel Aheram


Diane Morgan

Future Incredible Artists at work

Vernon Finney

Scott Slagerman

Craig Pop Artist

Three little maids from school are we...

Fortune Sitole

Violinist Raphiel Murden

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