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Cancer research is costly and complicated.

Helping fund research is simple.

Now you can own and enjoy Incredible Art and participate in a cure.

The Artists:

Making important advances through Phase-1 cancer research faster can only happen when we all chip in and do our part. Mark your calendar and join in on the fun and spectacular imagery on hand at these very special events, proudly sponsored by IncredibleArtist.com

A portion of the proceeds from Art4aCure will benefit the Premiere Oncology Foundation, an organization dedicated to enhancing the care of cancer patients through research, support, education and integrative medicine.

August 2010 - New Artwork

The exhibition has been completely reworked and looks better than ever!

Full Details and Pictures


July Inaugural Celebration - July 18-19

Pictures and More

September Art Weekend - September 12-13

Pictures and More

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